cadet firearms training

Cadet Firearms Training

The Civil Air Patrol offers firearms training for its cadets as part of its mentorship program. The goals are to educate cadets in the responsible handling of firearms and the basics of marksmanship.

As with any of the high adventure activities the Civil Air Patrol conducts, the firearms training is performed in a safe environment with strict protocols put into place to prevent accidents.

firearms training for CAP cadets

The fundamental cadet firearms training consists of classroom training followed by range experience. The classroom work covers firearms basics, including safe handling skills, how guns work and the fundamentals of marksmanship.

Classroom training also includes dry fire of rifles.

On the range, cadets put their training into action. CAP maintains a high instructor-to-cadet ratio in firearms training to ensure that cadets have ample time with the instructors to hone their skills. There are qualification rounds which will allow cadets the opportunity to earn a award that can be worn on their Class B “blues” uniform.

civil air patrol cadets shooting rifles

The Hernando County Composite Squadron in Brooksville, Florida has a rock-solid cadet marksmanship training program. The unit trains twice yearly at a local range with highly-qualified youth firearms trainers that have been certified by the National Rifle Association.

We recommend checking out their Civil Air Patrol Firearms Training program here to see what they are doing. Also, check out the squadron’s operations order on that page for the firearms training. Different wings require different information, so use it as a reference and don’t copy it exactly.

A point of clarification – firearms training is not a mandatory event. The Civil Air Patrol is not a military organization and the training is completely voluntary. Regardless of your political views on firearms, the United States is the most gun-friendly country in the world. Consequently, there is a high likelihood your cadet will encounter firearms in his or her life. This training program removes the mystery surrounding them so that they can be responsible should they ever handle one in private life.