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Cadet Program

The cadet program is an important part of the Civil Air Patrol mission. It is our goal to help educate and mentor cadets so that they can become the best citizens that can be when they are adults.

Youth can join the Civil Air Patrol starting at age 12. We encourage you to come check our one of our meetings to see if we would be a good fit in your life.

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Cadets have a wide range of activities that they can engage in at the squadron, wing and national level. Some of these include:

  • Aerospace education classes – Learning about aviation, space, technology, and related topics through classroom instruction and guest speakers. Cadets can earn aerospace badges as they progress.
  • Leadership training – Opportunities to take on leadership roles and plan/execute activities to develop skills. Includes modules on followership, management, and ethics.
  • Emergency services training – Training in search and rescue, disaster relief, and emergency communications procedures. Cadets may participate in practice missions.
  • Character development – Activities and curriculum focused on integrity, excellence, respect, and other positive traits.
  • Physical fitness – Fitness challenges, sports, and exercise are encouraged to develop healthy lifestyles.
  • Orientation flights – After completing flight training, cadets may have opportunities to fly in small civilian aircraft with CAP pilots.
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  • Encampments – Week-long summer courses focused on leadership, aircrew training, and other skills. Includes drill, customs, and team building.
  • Community service – Cadets serve their communities through volunteering, color guards, providing disaster relief, and more.
  • Competition teams – Opportunities to compete on color guard, drill, cybersecurity, and other specialty teams at local, regional, and national levels.
  • Firearms training – Cadets have the opportunity to learn how to safely handle firearms on a local range with NRA-qualified instructors. This is not military training. Instead the class includes safe handling skills and the fundamentals of accuracy with rimfire rifles.
  • Summer activities – Such as trips to visit aviation museums, air shows, and military bases. Also national activities like National Cadet Special Activities.

Sound like fun? You bet it does! Come join us and see if it is right for you.